Goodman Heat Pumps: "Thank Goodness For Goodman" - Facts On Goodman Heat Pumps

goodman heat pump

Goodman is the second-largest manufacturer of residential AC and heating products in North America. This includes their well-known line of Goodman heat pumps.

Founder: Harold Goodman - a former AC contractor.

Their goals/philosophy: High quality and very reliable products; lower cost; trouble-free installation.

Products include: AC, Goodman heat pump, gas furnaces, packaged Goodman heat pumps, air quality products, air handlers and coils.

Warranties available: Standard and specialized component warranties, as well as extended service plans.

Goodman heat pump systems: 16 SEER SSZ16, 14 SEER SSZ14, 14 SEER GSH14, 13 SEER GSH13, GSH Commercial and international products.

Goodman heat pump - packaged heat pump products include: Dedicated Horizontal 13 SEER GPH13H, Multi-position 13 SEER GPH 13M, Multi-position 13 SEER GPH13 M Commercial, and international products.

What type of equipment is included with the typical Goodman heat pump that is installed today? The total package will include: a compressor (motor) unit, designed to operate very efficiently, an air coil (for condensation - larger than you might find on other types of equipment), the unit will also need a fan and a motor to operate it (again it should be efficient), and also a heat-exchanger.

Heat pumps - and this includes Goodman heat pumps - will also make use of a 'refrigerant' - a substance that aids in the transfer of heat. Refrigerants are usually a gas, and cause condensation to occur when they pass through the air coil. Most people are familiar with the gas/air coil system used in most refrigerators, and similar technology is used in Goodman heat pumps.

One of the most amazing things about geothermal heat pumps - and Goodman heat pumps include the geothermal heat pump type - is that they tend to be more efficient to operate than the other types. Why is this? Because, in the winter, the temperature of the soil is relatively warm. (Goodman geothermal heat pumps have the ground - or groundwater -as their heat source.) The air source heat pump, in contrast, must move heat from cold outside air to the inside, and it must work much harder to do this.

Goodman brand products (which includes the Goodman heat pump line) received the 2005 innovation award

The Goodman CLQ 14 SEER AC was chosen as a 'Best Buy' but Consumer's Digest.

Goodman heat pump distribution network is extensive - over 700 distribution points service the public. Company-operated distribution centers are located in Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Texas, California. Goodman heat pumps are available for purchase through these as well as other outlets, and local contractors.

Goodman Global, Inc. is a publicly traded company on the NY Stock Exchange. Ticker symbol: GGL.