Heat Pump Reviews: What Do I Look For?

heat pump reviews

So you are scouring the pages of your local newspaper, and surfing the Internet. You see the product descriptions but don't know what to do with all this information. What should you look for in heat pump reviews?

Ideally, heat pump reviews should include the following information: -Cooling capacity: measured in 'tons' (2 ton -- 5 ton) -Manufacturer (ex: Goodman, Trane, Carrier) -Trade Name -Condenser Model -SEER Range (a measure of cooling ability - higher is better) minimum = 13.00 -HSPF Range (a measure of heating ability - higher is better) minimum = 7.7

As mentioned, various heat pump manufacturers have websites, and provide useful information in their heat pump reviews, but the downside is that they don't provide information on the competition.

Consumer Reports regularly provides product reviews for many consumer and household products. Check them out to see what information they might have in their files concerning heat pump reviews.

Local newspapers can also be a source of useful information. Especially in the 'home' or 'style' sections, you can sometimes find product reviews, including heat pump reviews and similar devices.

Consider enlisting your plumber or furnace man in your quest. Auction sites sometimes have reviews - including heat pump reviews - posted there.

Some of the best, and most unbiased heat pump reviews can be gained from non-profit and governmental agencies. One in particular, ACEEE (www.aceee.org) contains extensive product data and heat pump reviews, in column format for easy comparison.

Don't forget to stop in to your local Sears, Home Depot, or other home-supply outlet. They will often have prepared literature that will allow you to do heat pump reviews. They provide this literature free, in hopes of attracting your business. Be aware, however, that these heat pump reviews may mention only those models carried by the store.

Another source for heat pump reviews is online: blogs and forums, directed to the home owner. Since new home buyers often replace these units, Real Estate sites will sometimes provide reviews on heat pumps, air conditioners, furnaces, and similar appliances.

Overall, what you need in your heat pump reviews - or any review, for that matter - is information that is: Unbiased (neutral) - Complete - Reliable - and Up-To-Date. Ideal heat pump reviews should ideally contain names, addresses, website URL's, and phone numbers for your personal follow-up.

Compiling all this heat pump reviews data can be overwhelming. Use your PC - fire up your favorite Word Processing application and use the copy and paste function to transfer this information to one or more documents. Or, if you have the ability, you can use a Spreadsheet or Database application to not only store, but also sort, this information for more usefulness. Happy hunting in your efforts!